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William Bradford, Jr. Porringer

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Photo of  Geometric Handle Porringer
Price: $95

Last summer, I acquired a rare 18th century geometric handle porringer at auction. I’ve waited many years to find one, and with it for inspiration, we now have our 8th different large porringer handle design!

Photo of Medium Porringer, “Old English” Handle
Price: $75

The Medium Porringer with Old English Handle has a new look. We’ve abandoned the basin bowl and gone to the larger, 4.25″ bowl used on the Flower Handle and Med. Jones Porringers.

The Old English Handle is larger than is predecessor as well. The overall length of handle and bowl on this porringer is 6″.  A classic form with many potential uses!


Photo of Crown Handle Porringer
Price: $95

The Crown Handle Porringer is a reproduction of an 18th century porringer that I believe was made in Boston.

It has a 5.25″ diameter bowl which was referred to as a pint capacity. These were multi-purpose vessels that were used to eat from, to drink from and to use as measures. In fact, if you look at the inventories of 18th century pewterers, they list the porringers by their capacity...

Photo of Medium Porringer, Flower Handle
Price: $75

The Medium Porringer Flower Handle is a piece my father reproduced many years ago. I believe he copied a 19th century porringer made by the Cincinnati, Ohio firm of Flagg & Homan. It is a wonderful handle design. Most medium size porringer bowls are 4.25″ in diameter.

Cups & Goblets

Photo of  Pint Beaker
Price: $75

The Pint Beaker is a classic pewter form modeled after ones made in the 18th and early 19th with two incised lines in the middle of the body and a gentle curved lip. A pint of anything will taste better in this, my favorite beaker.

Photo of Jumbo Tumbler
Price: $55

The Jumbo Tumbler was one of my father’s designs that has always been popular with our customers. It’s a low form with a wide base which allows room for ice cubes and your favorite drink!

Photo of Woodgrain Beaker
Price: $55

The Woodgrain Beaker is perhaps the most interesting cup we make. My Father and I created this cup at the suggestion of Jonathan Fairbanks, former curator of American Decorative Arts, Museum of fine Arts, Boston around 1992.

Jonathan saw our Child’s Cup with the birch grain interior and asked us to make something taller, without a handle. This cup was the end result and one of the early...

Photo of Old Fashioned Tumbler
Price: $50

The Old Fashion Tumbler is another classic 18th century form with three incised lines near the slightly flared lip. Great for scotch, or any other short drink.

Photo of Jefferson Cup
Price: $50

The Jefferson Cup may be one of the most recognizable metal forms ever created. The original cups were commissioned by Thomas Jefferson and made in silver.

Our Jefferson cup is of course made in pewter and the base is slightly wider than the original and flat. You will not find another cup that feels as good in your hand as this one!

Photo of Stem Goblet
Price: $100

The Stem Goblet is a beautiful form. It’s our oldest wine goblet design and has been a favorite for many years. It’s also one of the most difficult pieces I make. The cup and the stem are extremely complex forms to shape on the metal spinning lathe. It’s the kind of work I do when no one is around to hear me shout.

Photo of Footed Goblet
Price: $100

The Footed Goblet was designed as a water goblet, but could be used for wine as well. Churches also use these in their communion sets.

Photo of Baby Mug
Price: $85

The Baby Mug seems to scream “baby boy!” Fortunately, many a young lass has received this cup as well. I made the first one of these for my nephew years ago, even though his family lives in wine country of northern California.

And, if you like, we can stamp your child’s initials on the bottom of the cup.


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